E5: Tien Tzuo | Founder/CEO at Zuora | The Subscription Economy

Welcome to the Subscription Economy: an age defined by customer happiness, perpetual product improvements, and more resilient business models. Tien Tzuo, CEO and Founder of Zuora ($2 billion market cap), joins us to talk through why shifting from a product-centric sale to a customer-centric subscription is so compelling. And he shows how companies like Adobe have successfully transitioned into a subscription-first business.

E4: Andre Haddad | Founder/CEO at Turo | Marketplace Business Models

How do you convince millions of users to join your online marketplace? How can the sharing economy create a cheaper, better and more convenient customer experience than legacy offerings? What are the key KPIs investors and operators should focus on as they scale marketplaces? Andre Haddad, founder and CEO at Turo, walks us through how he solved the chicken-and-egg problem with starting a marketplace as well as how he and his team optimize conversion on both the supply- and demand-side of the Turo platform.