What is ‘Pattern Recognition’?

People in the investing world often cite pattern recognition. What is it? It’s the ability to connect patterns across independent events in order to inform one’s decision-making. By drawing from a broader base of knowledge, one can better gauge the risks and opportunities associated with a given investment. 

‘Pattern Recognition’ attempts to accelerate the accumulation of that wisdom. By stitching together the lessons learned from business leaders in both their successes and failures, we’ll search for consistent themes and patterns that underlie good risk-adjusted decision-making.

About the Host

Hi! I’m John Hu, the host of ‘Pattern Recognition’. Ever since I was young, I’ve had this nagging, insatiable curiosity to figure out how the world works.

pattern recognition host john hu

After studying computer science and finance as an undergrad, I jumped into the world of investment banking at Goldman Sachs. Specifically, I was lucky to help Fortune 500 companies craft their strategic thinking and advise on billion dollar transactions.

I’m now investing on the growth equity team at Norwest Venture Partners and absolutely loving it. Every day, I get to learn a little more about how the world works via conversations with entrepreneurs who are risking it all.

I’ve always found my conversations with CEOs and fellow investors to be fundamental in bridging my own gaps of knowledge. So I started ‘Pattern Recognition’ in order to share those insights with the world. My hope is that by being more well-informed, we’ll be more able to solve today’s pressing issues.

So I hope you’ll join me in this pursuit of lifelong learning – buckle in! 

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